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Our Top 10 Essential Items for Newborn

Since Brandon was born in March, we've been learning the nuts and bolts of parenthood. There are so many decisions to make! Many friends and family members have given us great advice and very useful gifts. Here's a list of the 10 most useful and essential items we would recommend to all our friends who are expecting babies. We're very grateful to these tools. They make our life a lot easier and are indispensable to Brandon's daily routine now.



How To Share Files and Photos Without Any Cloud Service


Workflow For an Aspiring Stock Photographer Using Lightroom and Symbiostock on Self-hosted Wordpress Site

Workflow to make photos available for sale as a stock photographer using Lightroom, Symbiostock and Wordpress

Photo#22 - O Brother, Where Art Thou?

amusing moments of two brothers

How to Manage Your Photos - Part 2

Here are the settings I use for the official Flickr plug-in in Lightroom 4.1. Extraordinary care needs to be taken at this step. If not set up correctly, all the existing Flickr photos might need to be re-published and that might take a long long time.

How to Tell if You are a Tech Noob

The six habits of a highly likely technology noob: 1. Your have more than ONE personal email addresses and your friends are always confused which one to use and spend countless hours verifying and re-verifying if you have received that missing email. 2. You use work email address for personal emails.

Oscar Prediction

My prediction of 2015 Oscar winners in eleven major categories: Best Picture Birdman Every shot and scene of this movie has "Oscar" written on it. It's got such an ambitious vision and executes it so flawlessly. It strikes an overall balance of universally resonating story (a hero's journey of redemption), excellent acting all around (Keaton, Norton, Stone), perfect pace (done in one continuous shot), and creativity (mix of magical surrealism).

Photo#21 - Bottles and Glasses

Some glasses and bottles from a bar in Mori Tower, Tokyo Midtown, Tokyo, September 2014

Reid Hoffman from How To Start A Startup Series

How did you hang in there in the tough time of Linkedin? (context: Linkedin was a distant #2 behind all the major social network darlings from Friendster, Myspace, and Facebook, for a very long period). Having a strong vision into the future (the separation of one's social and professional online identity/community) and knowing my company is always closer to that vision than anybody else really helped. How to judge a good founding team? In a good founding team, cofounders just work really well together. They help each other navigate through unchartered waters and figure out the truth or the missing piece.