Basic PostgreSQL Commands

We use MySQL for Linkqlo app as that was part of the good old stack of PHP-MySQL chosen by the IT vendor we worked with. In 2015~2016 as we gradually refactored PHP endpoints into Haskell, we started running into various issues of MySQL since some of its libraries didn't work well with Haskell or our deployment script. Eventually they were all fixed, but it was a big hassle. For our new Mirror Mirror app, since it was built from scratch, we chose a stack that would fully leverage our technical capability - Haskell for endpoints, React-Native for front-end, PostgreSQL for database, and Nix for deployment.

Just as I was getting comfortable with MySQL, I had to pick up PostgreSQL too. Fortunately, they're rather similar.

List all databases

psql -l

Connect to the database xxxdb

psql xxxdb

List all tables in the current database


Describe this table xxxtable

\d xxxtable

Show entries from this table with select command based on column name_id or name

select * from xxxtable where name_id=555;
select * from xxxtable where name like 'starlord';

Begin a transaction block


Update column description of table xxxtable

update xxxtable set description='Starlord is played by Chris Pratt' where name_id=555;

After update, commit the change


After update, rollback the change if needed to abort the current transaction


Escape single ' by doubling it as in '', as explained in this Stack Overflow post

Quit from psql

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