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Favorite Podcasts of 2017

Back in 2008~2009 when I was soaked in the underground music scene in Beijing, I thought about creating an English podcast to introduce indie rock music from China to the western audience. The inspiration came from a four-hour mp3 file of Anthony Wong of Tat Ming Pair of Hong Kong in his early radio DJ years. In this audio clip Anthony Wong was commenting in Cantonese on Depeche Mode's latest album in the background music of Tour de France by Kraftwerk. It was devilishly cool.

Oscar Prediction

My prediction of 2015 Oscar winners in eleven major categories: Best Picture Birdman Every shot and scene of this movie has "Oscar" written on it. It's got such an ambitious vision and executes it so flawlessly. It strikes an overall balance of universally resonating story (a hero's journey of redemption), excellent acting all around (Keaton, Norton, Stone), perfect pace (done in one continuous shot), and creativity (mix of magical surrealism).

Asian Movies Recommendations for My American Friends

Since I get asked this question a lot, here's my current list. It's not meant to be an exhaustive list, just a collection of my personal favorites that I think my American friends may enjoy as well in recent years. 1. Let the Bullets Fly, China, 2010, IMDB 7.2, directed by Wen Jiang, action/thriller. China's answer to Christopher Nolan's Inception, only better. It's directed by Wen Jiang, China (mainland)'s most talented film director, who left Yimou Zhang and Xiaogang Feng in dust with this period epic. Being an entertaining roller-coaster ride, it's also highly complex with profound and subtle references that challenge the most intellectual ones in Chinese audience. For non-Chinese, it'll be impossible to pick up the cultural and historical references and the many sub-plots, but you should still watch it just so that you can claim you've watched the one movie that absolutely defines the pinnacle of Chinese (mainland) film achievement.


a mid-summer night

COASSF#60 - April Orientation Performance at CEMEX Auditorium

Hotel California and It's My Life at CEMEX Auditorium

COASSF#57 - Swan Song by The Spillovers

The swan song performance by our beloved rock band The Spillovers on the Last Sloan Dinner on Thursday, June 13, 2013 at Vidalakis Dining Room in Schwab. Great songs to close out our amazing rock band run in the Sloan year!

COASSF#54 - The Spillovers Live! at Stanford Coho Cafe

When you see Sloans dancing on the table in usually low-key Stanford Coho cafe, you know this party is a riot. This is the TGIF that ends all other TGIFs. This is The-Moment-Of-The-Year for Sloan Fellow Class of 2013 of Stanford Graduate Business School. Thank you, my bandmates of Sloan's house band The Spillovers, we did it!

A Day In A Sloan's Life

I have done a lot of presentations in my life, from participating in an English speech contest for high-school students broadcast live on China's national television (CCTV) at age 15, to delivering a company presentation on China's largest VC/PE firm - CDH's annual LP conference in Venetian, Macau. This "A Day In A Sloan's Life" presentation, as a "ramp" speech delivered to the Sloan Fellows of 2014 and Sloan Fellows of 2013 in CEMEX Auditorium in Stanford Graduate Business School on April 14, 2013, during Sloan's April Orientation, left everything before it in dust. It was finished right at the very last second before class president John Barton finished his introduction of me.

COASSF#49 - Chinese New Year Party

On February 8, 2013, I emceed Sloan's Chinese New Year Party, which made history by becoming the most attended self-organized Sloan event with roughly 180 people (120 adults + 60 kids), in true Chinese fashion. We squeezed out every inch in Havana Room but still could not find enough chairs/tables for all the Sloans and the partners. The party followed a format that was familiar to every Mainland Chinese - a gala filled with delicious food, baijiu (Chinese white wine, very hard-core liquor), stage performances, and variety shows. Not only it was a banquet of food and drink, but also it was a total cultural immersion of three hours in which I walked through five parts of some interesting elements of Chinese culture.

COASSF#44 - Music Play List for Chinese New Year Party

For the Stanford GSB Sloan Fellow Chinese New Year Party on this Friday, Feb 08,2013. The songs are picked for: Their festive and party spirit; Their iconic (many of them legendary) status in the Chinese music industry; Their ability to represent certain distinctive genres of Chinese music; Their coverage of the key Chinese regions such as Hong Kong, Taiwan, Southeast Asia, and Mainland. The audience for this party consists of 80 Sloan Fellows with their partners/children that come from 30+ countries all over the world with age ranging from 30 - 45(roughly).