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Our Top 10 Essential Items for Newborn

Since Brandon was born in March, we've been learning the nuts and bolts of parenthood. There are so many decisions to make! Many friends and family members have given us great advice and very useful gifts. Here's a list of the 10 most useful and essential items we would recommend to all our friends who are expecting babies. We're very grateful to these tools. They make our life a lot easier and are indispensable to Brandon's daily routine now.

The Evolution of My Office Tools

Here's the list of the primary office tools I have been using over the years. It seems like an interesting reflection of one's professional and personal transformation.

First Bay to Breakers Run

Bay to Breakers run is a world-famous running event in San Francisco. I had a good time doing my first one on May 18, 2014. Didn't dress up as any funky characters but had my fair share of running into eccentric animals, super heroes, and naked men.

COASSF#62 - Herbert's GCBC Talk

This was a organized by Stanford GSB's Greater China Business Student Club. The talk was scheduled during the final exam week of the Spring Quarter between some terrifying exams. Thank you my friends who showed up for this event and engaged me in a spirited conversation about movies, rock band, flash mob, China, and leadership.

COASSF#55 - GCBC Talk - Stay Full Stay Smart

Preview of what's coming on my GCBC Talk - Stay Full Stay Smart


This article marks an exception to my website, which contains entirely original content created by me. It's an important piece that unlocks part of our family's history and sets the record straight.

COASSF#35 - My BBL, My Choices

Brown Bag Lunch, or BBL in short, is a tradition in Stanford Sloan Fellow Program and also in Stanford GSB at large. It's a lunch session where everyone brings lunchbox and listens to a classmate's self-introduction called BBL. BBL is to talk about yourself, let your classmates understand better who you are, where you come from, and where are you going (这是北大门卫的三个提问么?). It's an open canvas and you can freely draw up whatever you want, talk about whatever topics that you think might be interesting for others to know. Usually one BBL goes for 15 minutes and the program staff tries to have 4 BBLs during

A New Business Card

Usually when I procrastinate on something, I'll try to find ways to amuse myself and keep myself motivated. As I was procrastinating on the preparation for the upcoming Accounting and Global Strategy final exams over the weekend, I thought it would be fun to design my own business cards for the Seattle trip next week. The staff at Palo Alto Fedex office on California Ave was extremely helpful and gave me all the necessary instructions. So I came up with this design using good old PowerPoint. It worked well. The proof sample looked pretty sleek. I shall receive the actual cards by Monday.

Why Here, Why Now, Why Again?

I guess I owe an explanation to many of my friends who have watched and followed me with curiosity through all these years and numerous avant garden social networks.  I've moved back to the States since June and I haven't got the chance to call up many friends (actually, most) in the States yet to let them know of this news, which is very uncharacteristic of me. On the other side of the ocean, many of my friends in China are wondering why I suddenly disappeared in Beijing's social scene. The questions I've got a lot lately are: why are you here in Stanford?why are you back to the States?why are you moving your home base again?

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