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Workflow For an Aspiring Stock Photographer Using Lightroom and Symbiostock on Self-hosted Wordpress Site

Workflow to make photos available for sale as a stock photographer using Lightroom, Symbiostock and Wordpress

Photo#22 - O Brother, Where Art Thou?

amusing moments of two brothers



Photo#21 - Bottles and Glasses

Some glasses and bottles from a bar in Mori Tower, Tokyo Midtown, Tokyo, September 2014

Photo#20 - 歌舞伎町的刘建一


Photo#19 - Flying Punk 飞扬的骚年


Photo#18 - Lives Under the Sea (part 3)

This hall has the crown-jewel of Monterey Bay Aquarium, jelly fishes. Boy, they look like a fantasy dream, a very blue one. Is this how Flickr got inspiration for its pink-on-blue logo?

Photo#17 - Lives Under the Sea (part 2)

In order to keep a reasonable download speed, I try to limit the number of photos in my each photo post to less than ten. In this age of information fragmentation, it's hard to assume anyone, no matter how close he/she is, to have enough patience to look at over more than ten photos at a time. If an event has more than ten photos that are worth sharing, like this Monterey trip, I'll break it down into multiple posts.

Photo#16 - Lives Under the Sea (part 1)

Monterey Bay Aquarium has some amazing exhibitions of sea lives! I always know about this famous aquarium in the sea-side town of Monterey, CA, and I know all my friends have visited there. I was like, how impressive can an aquarium get? Well, it turns out, it's a total knock-out.

Photo#15 - de Young Museum in Golden Gate Park

Last time we visited de Young Museum in Golden Gate Park in San Francisco, it was almost closed and the security guard was kind enough to allow us sneak in for half an hour before they cleaned up the space. We got in earlier this time and happened to catch a great exhibition for Georgia O'Keeffe. Inspired by O'Keeffe and her famous husband Stieglitz, I'm going black and white too.