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Buzz Words from Stanford GSB BLAST Mail

This program aims to analyze the most common buzz words from Stanford Graduate School of Business (GSB)'s BLAST mailing list, which is subscribed by all GSB students (MBA, MSx and PhD) and used heavily by the student community to broadcast news, seeking help, etc. The idea is similar to Google Keyword Trend, except that it's applied to a very specific environment and audience.

Confession of a Stanford Sloan Fellow, A Summary

This series ran for 62 episodes, taking notes and reflections during my 12 months in Stanford Graduate School of Business' Master of Science for Experienced Leaders (MSx, aka, Sloan Fellow) program. The original episodes were scattered around in my blog, together with photo series, dance videos, rock band videos, and self-invented theoretical frameworks. I didn't intend to put them in nice order because the structure of this blog was meant to force readers to read every article. This series is not finished yet. Despite of the various works I've done during the Sloan year, I'm yet to unveil my most satisfactory and ambitious project for my distinguished Sloan Class of 2013. Tentatively I'll debut that on our ten year anniversary dinner and dance.

COASSF#59 - Course Evaluation_Spring Q

This is the last one in this CIDRAE Evaluation Series

COASSF#58 - Course Evaluation_Winter Q

COASSF#53 - 10 Things To Do Before Coming to Stanford Sloan Master Program

In descending order of importance, Complete your Linkedin profile. Linkedin has been used extensively by business schools, head hunters, and HR recruitment officers of many companies in US. It's gone mainstream and become a must-have in Stanford GSB. If you're looking for a job after Stanford, you can probably afford not to have a Facebook account, but you can't afford to have no Linkedin account. Linkedin helps to validate your professional history and it currently owns this market space. Get your personal linkedin URL and don't use the default system-generated random link, which no one remembers and looks amateurish. Spend quality time to polish and complete the Linkedin profile. A well updated Linkedin profile takes long time to fine-tune.

COASSF#52 - Stanford Business Magazine Quote

It was a very pleasant surprise when I read the back page of 2013 Spring Issue of Stanford Business Magazine. Surprise #1, this was actually a very accurate quote from me, though I have no idea how the magazine got it. Surprise #2, the editor thoughtfully used my previous Facebook profile photo instead of the current Jack Sparrow one ... nice touch there.

COASSF#48 - My Yearbook Message

One of the benefits of sitting right next to my Sloan-mate Nicki Carter, who is co-leading an admirable and spirited effort of publishing Yearbook of Sloan Class of 2013,  is that I can rest assured to receive regular reminder about my yearbook message status for no less than ... four times a week. After leading Nicki's "Hall of Shame" for many weeks in a row, I decided to redeem  myself in front of Nicki and get it over with. For someone with a petty education background prior to Stanford, I actually don't think I've ever written a yearbook message before. So I did a bit of research to see what this whole yearbook message thing is about in US, and I've arrived at the following takeaways

COASSF#47 - Sloan Fellow Life Cycle & How To Make The Most Out Of It

Before we know, 8 months have flown by and now we're 4 months away from graduation. All good things will come to an end, and our wonderful journey at Sloan Fellow Program in Stanford GSB is of no exception. The question is: how can we make the most out of this 12-month period? I think the Fall Quarter from October to December is the "sweet spot" that we should take the most advantage of.

COASSF#46 - Comparison of S353 (Formation of New Venture) and G566 (Real-Life Ethics)

G566 Real-Life Ethics was my most favorite class in the Fall Quarter and S353 is my most favorite class in the current Winter Quarter. They share a lot of similarities, but resonate with me at very different levels. Here's a detailed breakdown of comparison between them:

COASSF#45 - Should You Do Stanford's Famous Startup Courses?

As my prior article "15 Things to Know in Strategizing Your Stanford Courses" mentioned, doing one of those startup-themed courses (E245, S321) feels almost like a rite of passage for many Stanford MBA/Sloans. So, should you just go and do it?