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Writing Blog Articles with Pelican in Markdown

step-by-step guide on publishing articles written in Markdown language on a Pelican-based static single page blog site hosted on Github Page

How to Manage Your Photos - Part 2

Here are the settings I use for the official Flickr plug-in in Lightroom 4.1. Extraordinary care needs to be taken at this step. If not set up correctly, all the existing Flickr photos might need to be re-published and that might take a long long time.

How to Tell if You are a Tech Noob

The six habits of a highly likely technology noob: 1. Your have more than ONE personal email addresses and your friends are always confused which one to use and spend countless hours verifying and re-verifying if you have received that missing email. 2. You use work email address for personal emails.

A Dummy's Guide to Set Up Static Blog Site with Github Page and Pelican

In early March I migrated the Good, the Bad, and the Curious from the draconian Wordpress architecture to a much more elegant static site structure hosted on Github Page using a static site generator Pelican. The original conversion was quite an involving effort of a series of trial-and-error because of the respective idiosyncrasies from Github Page itself, a fast-evolving Pelican, and legacy issues from Wordpress. The second time is a charm. I managed to set up the second site within only a few hours last night. Because OC is a brand new site from scratch, I didn't have to deal with Wordpress anymore. This guide is for my own reference (in case I forget), as well as for anyone who might try to do the same - to create a new static contents site on Github Page with Python-friendly Pelican if you're more familiar with Ruby).


现在全球华人都在微信上,每个人每天都被自己社交圈里十几个活跃的微信群轮番轰炸。稍微大的微信群动辄上百人,当人数如此之多时,在群里的对话中要@人就变成很麻烦的一件事情,因为:- 在iPhone屏幕上的一页里只能展示9个人名; - 仍然有无数很二的人不知道把自己群里的名称改为真实人名; - 最方便识别人名的方式其实是头像,但很多人经常性地把自己的头像变来变去。本来可以在微信对话里@其他人是一个很方便很强大的功能,但它的局限性也越来越明显,那怎么办呢?很简单,可以这样子:

Use Gmail to receive and send other emails

Checking multiple mailboxes is a pain, but you can use Gmail to manage all of them through one single interface and one single login session. I have more than 10+ mailboxes from various institutions, companies and projects. I forward all of them to my personal gmail and also set up "Send Email As ... " in my gmail account so that I can receive and send other emails without ever leaving my gmail account. This article explains how to do that.


用Gmail来收发其他邮件有两个办法,一个是通过POP3,一个是通过Forward + Send Mail As。POP3速度比较慢,因为Gmail从POP3服务器上获取邮件有一定的时间间隔,有时长达一个小时,这种延迟在很多情况下是无法让人接受的。本文介绍的是一个用户如何通过Forward + Send Mail As(全面优越于POP3)来收发其他邮箱的邮件。


最近在不停地给各路朋友介绍Instagram,讲得我口干舌燥。为提高效率,一次性在这里整理成文,便于分享和传播。感觉Instagram这个应用是一个我等待了十年的老朋友,我一直在寻找他,而他的影子一直模模糊糊,似是而非,几次抓住了衣服的边角发现其实不是的。现在,他倏然之间神一样的出现在我的面前。自苹果的应用上线以来,用过无数app,没有哪一个app(包括Draw Something)让我如此沉溺其中不能自拔。本来我还在考虑把用了7-8年的Nikon D-70升级一下,但在跟instagram耳鬓厮磨的过去两个月里发现,Instagram+iPhone4s让绝对多数的单反相机(M8当然还是值得拥有的)和卡片机失去了存在的价值。


继Apple, Google之后,新浪很快崛起,成为下一家必须送我股票的公司 - 我给它们带来了如此多智商情商都令人发指的高端用户,它们不给我股票就实在说不过去了。作为一个超重的孤独的领跑者,和一个微胖的黝黑的小桔灯,我衷心希望每个博友都可以用正确的眼光来看待,来使用新浪微博。那些对微博嗤之以鼻的朋友,对微博的浅见主要集中在这么几点:

The Unofficial Apple Consumer Strategy

I won’t do justice to the below chart that I drew up a few days ago in my attempt to summarize Apple’s consumer strategy if I don’t follow up with a more detailed elaboration. I’ll just use English given the petty-sized Chinese Mac community (most Chinese websites based in