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上海大馄饨 (Shanghainese Big Wonton Soup)


Our Top 10 Essential Items for Newborn

Since Brandon was born in March, we've been learning the nuts and bolts of parenthood. There are so many decisions to make! Many friends and family members have given us great advice and very useful gifts. Here's a list of the 10 most useful and essential items we would recommend to all our friends who are expecting babies. We're very grateful to these tools. They make our life a lot easier and are indispensable to Brandon's daily routine now.



How To Share Files and Photos Without Any Cloud Service


Change Syntax Highlights with Pygments CSS for Pelican Site

My workflow to change syntax highlight colors using Python-based pygments for my Pelican blog

Workflow For an Aspiring Stock Photographer Using Lightroom and Symbiostock on Self-hosted Wordpress Site

Workflow to make photos available for sale as a stock photographer using Lightroom, Symbiostock and Wordpress

Writing Blog Articles with Pelican in Markdown

step-by-step guide on publishing articles written in Markdown language on a Pelican-based static single page blog site hosted on Github Page

Photo#22 - O Brother, Where Art Thou?

amusing moments of two brothers



How to Manage Your Photos - Part 2

Here are the settings I use for the official Flickr plug-in in Lightroom 4.1. Extraordinary care needs to be taken at this step. If not set up correctly, all the existing Flickr photos might need to be re-published and that might take a long long time.