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Good Bye ... Until We Meet Again

A farewell letter to GE colleagues when I left HPSC, GE Capital Healthcare in Boston in August, 2007
Good Bye ... Until We Meet Again

Today is my last day in GE. I've decided to veer away from the beaten path and indulge myself in some of my long-term passion and interests. GE has given me every professional skill I have and its affiliation accounts for 62.78% of all my friends. So, it means a lot to me. What makes my eight years of GE experience such a joy ride is you, unmistakably you. Thank you for being there with me. Thank you for the good times and I hope to continue them in the future. Well, I'm supposed to be a trained Jedi Knight wielding a light saber to save the day every 8.0 months and I'm supposed to be pretty cool about all these moving-around. Guess I've gone soft over the years.

Feel free to give me a buzz at 1-617-852-6594(cell), if you:

  • stop by Republic of Cambridge - I mean, Boston
  • struggling with some monumental Mac-vs-PC decision - Steve Jobs really owes me, like, a lo
  • not sure what movies to watch for the weekend
  • can't decide between a Stevie Wonder concert and a Smashing Pumpkins one - fantasize about going to Alaska, Tibet, Santorini, Paris, Provence or
    Italy but need convincing photo evidence
  • ponder over some really stupid and absurd ideas about technology, media and entertainment
  • wondering OMG what is going on in China and want to get a train ride,
    literally and figuratively
  • or just anything else

Lastly, I believe a non-company email address lays down a solid foundation for long-term relationship. Please send me your personal one (if you don't have one yet then get one). If you prefer any other means (skype, gtalk, MSN, yahoo, linkedin, facebook, lunch...), just let me know. I do all communication methods known to man from 19th to 22nd century.

Inescapably, it's time for me to go. Good bye!