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That's a very good point => Shit you just caught me off guard with my pants down! I totally missed that

Let's do a deep dive into this area => Show me all the spreadsheets in the most gory details

Let me go socialize Tom => Let me talk to Tom and try to get his buy-in

You are the MAN! => Thanks for the Starbucks

Hey I'm getting some Starbucks ...you want anything? => Can I legitimately kiss you up?

(responded from above) Yeah ... actually... I'll go with you => I want to talk to you in private. Got some rumors/gossips to share.

Is this a good/bad guy (from GE era)? => Is it favorable/unfavorable to net income?

Yeah I hear you => I understand your concern and ... dear, I don't give a damn.

Stretch line => difference between my bottom-up forecast and the top-down requirement on net income which I have no clue whatsoever how to achieve

Go figure => I don't know how to do it and I don't care. Just do it. That's YOUR

Duh => Oops how come I missed that! Yeah right ... big deal ... so what?

Yeah...right => You gotta be kidding

It might not be a bad idea => This idea sucks. You can't think of anything remotely intelligent?

I just want to plant some seeds here => Give this idea some thought, though it's still too early to talk about it

I'm just thinking out loud => I have this brilliant idea and you have to hear it... you may not understand it though and it may not have anything to do with the debate here.

Just throw it to the wall and see what sticks => If we do this to them, they will get hurt, but I don't care. Do it. Only worry about it when they respond.

When the shit hits the fan => When this whole thing blows up

Start FYIing stuff to me => Start putting my name in the "cc" field and do not expect me to do any action, though I might.

Just between us girls => This is just between you and me. It's totally unofficial and private (only used on guys).

Just want to make sure we are all on the same page => You so have no clue what this project is about. Let me explain it to you, stupid.

Let's just put some stakes in the ground => I don't know whether this action is right or wrong, but we have to do something, now.

Apparently he's been prepped => Somebody already briefed him of the agenda before he came to the meeting

Just want to throw it out there => I don't know whether this works or not and I take no stand on this issue, but it's worth a discussion

Just hear me out => I know you disagree, but heck let me finish my freaking sentence!

So we just have to agree to disagree => I acknowledge we've tried to resolve the dispute and we remain divided, but it's ok. Our disagreement is not a show-stopper.

OK, fine... let's talk about the process and policy then => You are probably right on this one, but did you spell it out in the standard operating procedure 152 section 47 paragraph 13? If not, I'll do it my way. Go change the policy before picking up another fight.

You might want to have a closed-door conversation with Tom prior to the meeting => Make sure Tom is totally silent and nods to whatever we say on the meeting.

I don't mind being a good soldier if this is the moment of all-hands-on-deck => I don't agree and don't want to do this. But if you order me to do so
and this is going to help you, fine.

This is the moment of all-hands-on-deck => The company is in trouble... EVERYONE has to contribute. Otherwise we all go down the drain together.