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Confession of a Stanford Sloan Fellow, A Summary

This series ran for 62 episodes, taking notes and reflections during my 12 months in Stanford Graduate School of Business' Master of Science for Experienced Leaders (MSx, aka, Sloan Fellow) program. The original episodes were scattered around in my blog, together with photo series, dance videos, rock band videos, and self-invented theoretical frameworks. I didn't intend to put them in nice order because the structure of this blog was meant to force readers to read every article. This series is not finished yet. Despite of the various works I've done during the Sloan year, I'm yet to unveil my most satisfactory and ambitious project for my distinguished Sloan Class of 2013. Tentatively I'll debut that on our ten year anniversary dinner and dance.

COASSF#62 - Herbert's GCBC Talk

This was a organized by Stanford GSB's Greater China Business Student Club. The talk was scheduled during the final exam week of the Spring Quarter between some terrifying exams. Thank you my friends who showed up for this event and engaged me in a spirited conversation about movies, rock band, flash mob, China, and leadership.

COASSF#61 - What Do You Want to Get in Stanford - PFIKER Model

When I look back at the past year in Stanford/GSB/Sloan Fellow Program and reflect what was it that we tried to get out of this incredible experience, I think our goals fall into six mutually exclusive and collective exhaustive categories, namely, PFIKER. It is important for us to know what our goals are, from Day One into the community, so that we can strategize priorities, plan our academic and social life accordingly, to get the most out of our time in Stanford. 12 months go by really, really fast. Without clear goals in mind, it's easy to let the time and opportunities slip through our fingers before we know it.

COASSF#60 - April Orientation Performance at CEMEX Auditorium

Hotel California and It's My Life at CEMEX Auditorium

COASSF#59 - Course Evaluation_Spring Q

This is the last one in this CIDRAE Evaluation Series

COASSF#58 - Course Evaluation_Winter Q

COASSF#57 - Swan Song by The Spillovers

The swan song performance by our beloved rock band The Spillovers on the Last Sloan Dinner on Thursday, June 13, 2013 at Vidalakis Dining Room in Schwab. Great songs to close out our amazing rock band run in the Sloan year!

COASSF#56 - How To Make A Star

From a recent project in my favorite course of the quarter: OB388 Leadership in Entertainment Business, my group researched and analyzed the success of K-Pop. During this exhilarating intellectual process, I came up with this graph that illustrates how to find the optimal path of nurturing a star from scratch. The horizontal dimension, from low to high, represents the technical difficulty of acquiring certain skills (which are also the cultural products those stars will eventually produce) for a star in an entertainment business. The vertical dimension, from low to high, represents  the cultural barrier those cultural products will encounter when they are delivered to a foreign culture (like from South Korea to America).

COASSF#55 - GCBC Talk - Stay Full Stay Smart

Preview of what's coming on my GCBC Talk - Stay Full Stay Smart

COASSF#54 - The Spillovers Live! at Stanford Coho Cafe

When you see Sloans dancing on the table in usually low-key Stanford Coho cafe, you know this party is a riot. This is the TGIF that ends all other TGIFs. This is The-Moment-Of-The-Year for Sloan Fellow Class of 2013 of Stanford Graduate Business School. Thank you, my bandmates of Sloan's house band The Spillovers, we did it!