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Blogging On Pelican

I've come to really enjoy Pelican since moving my personal blog from wordpress to static site generator Pelican on a Github Page in 2014. It's not the easiest thing to set up in the beginning and it took me months in countless iterations to settle down a well-tuned configuration that met my needs. The end-game is very satisfying though.

Change Syntax Highlights with Pygments CSS for Pelican Site

My workflow to change syntax highlight colors using Python-based pygments for my Pelican blog

Writing Blog Articles with Pelican in Markdown

step-by-step guide on publishing articles written in Markdown language on a Pelican-based static single page blog site hosted on Github Page

A Dummy's Guide to Set Up Static Blog Site with Github Page and Pelican

In early March I migrated the Good, the Bad, and the Curious from the draconian Wordpress architecture to a much more elegant static site structure hosted on Github Page using a static site generator Pelican. The original conversion was quite an involving effort of a series of trial-and-error because of the respective idiosyncrasies from Github Page itself, a fast-evolving Pelican, and legacy issues from Wordpress. The second time is a charm. I managed to set up the second site within only a few hours last night. Because OC is a brand new site from scratch, I didn't have to deal with Wordpress anymore. This guide is for my own reference (in case I forget), as well as for anyone who might try to do the same - to create a new static contents site on Github Page with Python-friendly Pelican if you're more familiar with Ruby).