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COASSF#60 - April Orientation Performance at CEMEX Auditorium

Hotel California and It's My Life at CEMEX Auditorium

COASSF#57 - Swan Song by The Spillovers

The swan song performance by our beloved rock band The Spillovers on the Last Sloan Dinner on Thursday, June 13, 2013 at Vidalakis Dining Room in Schwab. Great songs to close out our amazing rock band run in the Sloan year!

COASSF#54 - The Spillovers Live! at Stanford Coho Cafe

When you see Sloans dancing on the table in usually low-key Stanford Coho cafe, you know this party is a riot. This is the TGIF that ends all other TGIFs. This is The-Moment-Of-The-Year for Sloan Fellow Class of 2013 of Stanford Graduate Business School. Thank you, my bandmates of Sloan's house band The Spillovers, we did it!

COASSF#36 - Rock Band Debut of The Spillvers

On Dec 12, 2012, our rock band of Sloan Class of 2013, The Spillovers, debuted with a four-song set list at the end-of-quarter Dinner & Dance party for the Sloan class. After 14 days of intense rehearsals during the nerve-breaking final-exam weeks, we had a blast and shredded the night away.